Yelahanka is in North of Bangalore (Now Bengaluru). Know as Vaastu City yelahanka has made a steady and north side progress in every department.

The city of Yelahanka had been in existence prior to 12th century. The region was called 'Ilaipakka Naadu' during the rule of Cholas. A stone tablet of 1267 A.D found in Doddaballapur mentions Dechi Devarasa, ruling the region with Yelahanka as his capital under the aegis of Hoysala monarch 'Narasimha (Third)'.
Later, during Hoysala rein, the city came to be known as 'Elavanka' and gradually shifted to 'Yelahanka'.

Of the numerous Rulers of different dynasties who ruled with Yelahanka as their Capital, the Kempe Gowdas are the most acclaimed. Hiriya Kempe Gowda (Kempe Gowda the First) built a fort in the adjoining village of Bengaluru and developed it as his new capital, probably due to its strategic location and slightly cooler climate being at a higher altitude. It was his son, Immadi Kempe Gowda, who had the famous watch towers built in the four directions of the new city.

Modern day Yelahanka is on the upper side of development. Making a niche in areas of progress and development, the city clearly stands out in the desired areas marked for a developed city.

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